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Blogging helps ill people

Some days ago I was reading Clarin newspaper when I found an article titled: ” Blogging is the new therapy for ill people” . What follows is a selection of the material:

Patients who write about their fears and their struggles in the blogs on the Internet would get some benefit. Scientists and doctors are now studying the therapeutic power of this kind of writing activity,and some even dare to suggest that they should be additions to the usual treatments.

“Blogging helps patients find autonomy, and prevents it from being paralyzed in front of the diagnosis”,  Monica Bruder , Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Palermo and expert in therapeutic writing ,told Clarin .

For Bruder, blogging in the first person avoids the stress of traumatic situations. “Blogging may be added to other tools such as therapeutic letters, diaries and personal stories,” she added. Meanwhile, the psychiatrist Marina Gramajo,  said that “Blogging allows patients to express what they feel when they do not have anyone to talk to. They explore their creative dimension, without denying the disease “.

What are the benefits? According to Alice Flaherty, neuroscientists at Harvard University,  the brain’s limbic system controls the instincts related to food or sex. She said that instincts are also involved because “a lot of people blog impulsively.” This could trigger the release of dopamine, such as listening to music or running. Blogging may be also associated with the activity of the frontal and temporal lobes, which control the language.

Blogs allow patients to release their anguish and throw down many of the myths circulating about illnesses.



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